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Do I Need to Use a Certain Car Repair Shop Specified by My Insurance Company?

Frequently Asked Questions

No, your insurance company cannot make you use a specific repair shop. You are legally entitled to take your vehicle to any repair shop that you wish. You have the ability to choose whatever repair shop you want to use. After all, this is your vehicle, your insurance, and your choice. 

If an insurance agent is being tough on you, insisting that you must take it to one of their shops, ask them to show it to you in writing! If they can't, then continue to insist that you take it to your auto body shop of choice.

Is Your Work Guaranteed?

All work is guaranteed for 2 years unless otherwise stated by us.

How Long Does a Job Take?

The majority of car body repairs take in the region of one to three hours to complete depending on the severity of damage. We will assess the damage and give you a timescale.

When Can You Fit Me In?

If you require a car body repair, we aim to fix the vehicle damage within 7 days or sooner depending on the severity of damage and our current workload.

Do You Provide Free Quotes?

Free quotes are provided for all car body repairs. Visit our workshop and we’ll give you a free quote for your vehicle body repair while you wait.

Can You Come to Me to Carry out the Repair?

All car body repairs are carried out at our facility where we guarantee the "good as new" finish you desire. The repair process will be explained to you on your visit to us.

Can I Buy Paint from You?

Yes, we sell paint for touching in small chips and scratches. What’s more, although we recommend that you leave repainting work to the professionals, we also provide paint on a supply-only basis after completing your car body repairs.

Will the Work You Carry out Look Perfect?

This will depend on the level of repair you require, but yes, the work we carry out will look perfect. We will discuss this with you during the quote and before any work is carried out on your car body repair.

Do I Get a Receipt?

A receipt is given for all car body repairs carried out. This is also your guarantee as well as proof of purchase.

Can I Send You an Image of My Damage for a Quote?

Yes, please send any images you have taken to We will then assess the level of repair and send you a quote via your email for your car body repair or car body repairs. In order to prevent disappointment, it is best for us to view the damage first in most cases.

How Can I Pay You?

We currently accept cash and cheques as a form of payment for your car body repair. We also accept most credit and debit cards. Due to administration costs, we now require a 2.5% surcharge on all credit cards.

Do You Do Crash Repairs?

At present, we are unable to fix severe crash damage repairs, but we fix most dents and all scratches and scuffs. Please contact us to discuss your repair.

Do You Do Trade or Private Car Body Repairs?

We carry out work for both. Our main area of work is within the trade repairing both private and commercial vehicles in our workshops.

What Sort of Damage Can You Repair?

At Evolution Paint Works Ltd, we repair car scuffs, paintwork scrapes, scratches, panel dents, minor accident damage, alloy wheel repair. Paintwork is our speciality, and if you want your vehicle to be painted, just bring it along to our workshop and we will provide a free quote.

Whatever your needs, we are sure we will be of service to you. Our services include:

What Sort of Damage Can You Repair?

  • Bumper Scuffs

  • Bumper Splits and Cracks

  • Stone Chips

  • Vandalism and Key Scratches

  • Wheel Arch Scrapes

  • Panel and Wheel Arch Rust Spots

  • Door Mirror Repair

  • Light Panel Damage

  • Spoiler and Small Body Kits

  • Panel Dents

  • Door Scrapes

  • Plastic Bumper Repair

  • Plastic Exterior Trim Repairs

  • Total Respray

We offer the same services to agricultural and commercial customers.

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